BD Clean Ruitensproeiervloeistof

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BD clean Screenwash is een erg fijne geconcentreerde ruitenwisservloeistof met toegevoegde Rain Repellent. 1:5 te verdunnen met water. ...Meer informatie

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BD Clean Screen Wash is a high quality, specially designed windscreen screen wash that gives you a smear free and smooth finish, leaving you with sparkling glass that is left protected from the harshness of the elements.  Our screen wash is highly concentrated and extremely strong, with a special additional additive of combining antifreeze with the screen wash to help to prevent your windscreen from freezing in the winter time, and icing over during those cold nights.

Our ready to use, BD Clean windscreen screen wash is extremely powerful and extremely concentrated, helping you to remove all dirt, grime, grit, salt and things like pesky insects and unsightly bird droppings from your windscreen.  Giving you a perfectly clear vision of the road, through your sparkling clean and smear free glass.  This high quality shine will continue to last as our screen wash also adds a layer of protection for your glass, making it tougher for dirt and grime to cling to the surface and hinder your view.  Producing high quality results, this antifreeze screen wash is perfect for general ever day use, all year round, and ideal for vehicles that are being used as test cars and are therefore prone to getting some dirt on the windscreen.

Our screen wash is particularly useful to use as it comes with additives such as a water softener that helps to keep the pipes and jets clean and antifreeze, helping to prevent ice forming on your windscreen in winter.  Our windscreen screen wash is also completely safe to use on all vehicles as it contains no salt agents which could potentially damage the paintwork.  To add to this, the screen wash is also beautifully fragranced, so every time you use it a lovely aroma will scent your car for hours to come.